Anyone can blog!

Yes, anyone can blog, about anything, and everything.  About food, family, pillows, world peace, socks, politics, the media, the world, the thing that they love most, the thing that they dislike most, fresh air, cats, dogs, horses, and parakeets, movies, books, the latest trending topic, clothes, shoes, trees, the air, poverty, wealth, health and we whatever their latest rant may be.  I am sure I missed something that is important to you.  If so, let me know!

The best thing about blogging is that you can choose to read it or not!  You can choose to respond, or not.  You can choose to act, or not.  You can choose to think about it, or not.  No one is asking you to do anything.  This site is about what you choose.

I decided to blog because I love to write, and I have things that I wonder about.  What could often be easily posted as rant on social media, I choose to challenge myself to translate into something more constructive.  Hopefully you will see it that way, too.





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