The Brain Dump

It is December 31st.  Is this the time you review the year and check off that list of accomplishments? Do you start a new diet, begin exercising, jump into a new career, spend more time with family and/or friends, and make big decisions? Have you looked at what you have done and find yourself moving tasks or “to do’s” into the new year? Are there simple things you would like to do? Things like organizing the messy kitchen drawer, taking more walks, changing that light bulb, ordering a new pair of hiking boots, and watching more football?

Even if you are ultra-organized, and a planner and goal setter, do you often feel like you have an endless list? Or, do you feel exhausted not knowing where to begin? Do you feel a nagging feeling, a heaviness because of that darned lightbulb?

I have an answer for you. It is The Brain Dump!

Before you balk, please keep reading. The Brain Dump does not discriminate! Anyone can use it!  The Brain Dump is not a list. It is not a set of goals. It is not a “to do” list.  The Brain Dump is a habit; or it could be called a process.  If you think you don’t have time to start a new habit, know this:  It will save you time. Things will get done, and you may not even realize how!

Please know you can be a high achiever and still take advantage of The Brain Dump.  I am one of those, and LOVE The Brain Dump!

Here is how it works. Everything and anything on your mind goes into the dump.  You might spend a half hour, or a few days working through your dump. You may start it today and come back to it tomorrow. The rules are your own. Parts of it can morph into a priority list, goal list, or even a dream list.

You can “dump” on your phone, your laptop, your tablet, a whiteboard, or write it down. When you complete something on the dump, you can choose to delete it and move on. If that darned light bulb shows up again in a future dump, maybe, just maybe, you will put a “light bulb reminder” in place so you will never have to think about it again!

I learned about The Brain Dump from Leslie Sturgeon, Founder of Women Inspiring Women (WIW). I began using it in earnest in the spring of this year and experienced immediate results. I cannot thank Leslie enough for her support and enthusiasm, and sometimes laughter, about my experiences with the habit.

A few weeks ago at the annual Holiday celebration of WIW, Leslie asked me if I would share an impromptu message to the group about my success with The Brain Dump. Being a planner, I would have liked more time to think about what I would say. However, I realized, “share my dream” is an item that came out of a recent Brain Dump.  As I spoke, confidently, the group learned my goal in 2018 is to land a position as a marketing professional in an outdoor gear company.

The Brain Dump is powerful. I challenge you to give it a try in the new year and let me know how it works for you!

As I share this blog, I am watching the Patriots/Jets game. I’m also ordering my new winter hiking boots when the game is over!  Thank you, Leslie!  Happy New Year everyone!



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