Thrive With Your Tribe!

During a recent conversation with a friend, it occurred to me how important it is to make sure you surround yourself with the right people to provide a balance in your life.  My friend was searching for the “perfect” theme for an upcoming presentation. She was questioning her expert business background and felt vulnerable. This wasn’t her “normal.”

She decided to reach out to a business group (aka “her business tribe) she keeps close to her, and relayed her concerns. After hearing from them, she described their reactions. She also said her confidence had gone from 35% to 100% in 24 hours. She had stopped second-guessing herself, was no longer vulnerable and she had outlined her entire presentation.

Her tribe gave feedback varying from holding her accountable, to trusting her gut, to asking her questions about the message to be delivered.  Some reminded her of her greatest strengths. Others commented on what she knows and how she rolls! None of them put the answers in her lap. Each individual, in his or her own way, brought out the best in her to reach into her toolbox and get back to believing in herself and to trust her instincts.

The funny thing about surrounding yourself with a tribe is it doesn’t have to be for work purposes only. The day of that conversation, I realized I have brought together a variety tribes in my lifetime. Depending on what’s happening depends on which tribe I might call on for support. My tribes vary in age, background and culture. The feedback truly keeps me balanced and in line with my true self.

It occurred to me after that talk with my friend, you don’t have to feel alone in business or in your personal life, unless you choose that path.  You can find a way to be surrounded by people who care about you and your dreams and successes. On the other side, you’ve probably already been inducted, without possibly knowing, into tribes where you’re the supportive one, asking the hard question, and being there for whomever needs help.  No matter which side of the tribe you might be on at any given moment, if you feel like something is missing, gather your tribe, and thrive!





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