CH CH CH Changes

Changes are challenging.  As 2018 ends, maybe you’ve been thinking of making one yourself.  If you’ve been pondering for a while, are scared to make the leap, feel you might fail, feel it would be too hard to “give up” certain things or foods, you aren’t alone.  I’ve worked at my new “look” for several years.  It wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution or a defined commitment.  For me, it was about a huge life change that wasn’t for me to decide.

In May, my mom ended her life journey six months before her 90th birthday.  What a life she had, what lessons she taught, and how lucky we were, even with Alzheimer’s, she still knew me and my brothers.  As her care person and advocate, my choice was spending time seeing to her comfort, which ended with her passing.  I found I could focus on a total commitment to clean eating.

If you’ve been following me for the last six months, you’ll notice my appearance is different.  My hair is  longer.  My body is more slim.  People say m y skin glows.  One person commented my freckles, from hiking in high places with a lot of sun exposure, have disappeared.

Why the change?  Over three years ago,  I was heavy and uncomfortable.  I started eliminating foods that are no longer healthy for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but  found it quite difficult.  It was so easy to grant myself a second helping at dinner, a sugary cookie or brownie, many handfuls of crackers and pieces of cheese, a glass of wine, or two, chocolate, and more chocolate.

The weight reduction and “glow” people now notice is from eating for the last six months, along with the products I’ve been putting on my skin for almost 14 years.

I started using Arbonne’s RE9 skincare line around 2004.  I have loved it from the start.  About four years ago, I was introduced to their protein powder, and then over three  years ago did my first Arbonne clean eating challenge.  Fast forward to June 4th, 2018, when I was my heaviest weight in my life.  After three unsuccessful attempts at the challenge, though I eliminated one type of food every six months or so, I continued to eat emotionally.  In June, given my time opened up, I began reading new recipes, substituting unhealthy for clean foods, trying new meals, and accepting the support of a a great group of people who also made the commitment and live this clean, healthy lifestyle.  I’m also having a blast supporting others on their clean eating journey!

My mom, who was never overweight, was truly the culprit behind my love of sweets!  No blame here.  Mom loved to bake, taught me her recipes, and always had something waiting for us after school in “the cookie tin.” Ironically, she only served desert on holidays.  Maybe that was her secret to staying small!  All I know is, with the change of her leaving us physically, her spirit lives on as I find a different way to fill my own “cookie tin.”  I feel her presence as she looks over my shoulder when I’m blending crunchy almond butter with chocolate protein powder as a dip with green apples.    Healthy, sweet and clean all together!

The void I feel every day with mom no longer with can sometimes be overwhelming.  Still, the changes I have been able to make with my health has been so gratifying, it helps comfort me. I know mom is out there as my biggest cheerleader.  She’s watching over my shoulder with that glint in her eye as I make a different recipe for dinner, or swap an ingredient that is clean into one of her mealtime favorites. Her spirit is here and that’s a change I can live with.


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