Dorie Dawkins is a New Hampshire native. She loves working and playing in her hometown. Dorie has loved reading and writing since she was young. She was often caught with her flashlight on and a book in her hands while under the covers instead of being asleep! This started when she first learned to read.

Writing since she was young, and creating hand made greeting cards has followed her throughout her life. She still makes cards, though not as rough as when she used crayons. Today’s stamping and card-making techniques allow her creativity to run wild!

Speaking of wild, Dorie loves the outdoors. Having grown up on the waters of Cape Cod in the summer, and skiing the mountains of NH in winter, Dorie loves the beach, but is more drawn to the mountains year round. The NH Whites are her favorite place to play, whether in hiking boots or strapped into snow shoes.

Dorie’s love of writing has allowed her to work in different careers. Whether it be business writing, poems, greetings that are whimsical and funny, or kind and poignant, whatever the occasion, she writes to the person receiving the card. ¬†With blogging, she hopes to have you ponder the outcome of everyday situations that occur. She doesn’t need you to agree with her thoughts. She wants to tell a story that allows you to ponder, if you so wish.

Whatever the blog, the message, the story, if she makes you giggle at some point, it will all be worth it!

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