CH CH CH Changes

Changes are challenging.  As 2018 ends, maybe you've been thinking of making one yourself.  If you've been pondering for a while, are scared to make the leap, feel you might fail, feel it would be too hard to "give up" certain things or foods, you aren't alone.  I've worked at my new "look" for several … Continue reading CH CH CH Changes

Thrive With Your Tribe!

During a recent conversation with a friend, it occurred to me how important it is to make sure you surround yourself with the right people to provide a balance in your life.  My friend was searching for the "perfect" theme for an upcoming presentation. She was questioning her expert business background and felt vulnerable. This … Continue reading Thrive With Your Tribe!

New Hampshire – We Are A Rare Breed

Not everyone who lives in New Hampshire loves it, and that is ok. Those of us who do are a rare breed. New Hampshire is a small state. Residents who live in the central part of the state can travel to the city (Boston), the ocean, or in the mountains in an hour. In three hours, … Continue reading New Hampshire – We Are A Rare Breed

It’s Not About the List!

Yesterday, while hiking up one of NH's 4,000 Footers, I stopped to have a snack and grab some water.  My two winter hiking companions were behind me on the trail, but not in sight. I knew they were within a few minutes of me, which is always a comforting thought while winter hiking.  As I … Continue reading It’s Not About the List!

Livin’ The Dream

Are you “Living The Dream” For Real? Have you ever run into an old friend from school, a former colleague, or perhaps a relative you haven’t seen in some time, and they ask, “How you have been?” or “So, what are you doing now?” At that moment, do you wrack your brain trying to think … Continue reading Livin’ The Dream

Anyone can blog!

Yes, anyone can blog, about anything, and everything.  About food, family, pillows, world peace, socks, politics, the media, the world, the thing that they love most, the thing that they dislike most, fresh air, cats, dogs, horses, and parakeets, movies, books, the latest trending topic, clothes, shoes, trees, the air, poverty, wealth, health and we … Continue reading Anyone can blog!